Date of Award


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Master of Music



First Advisor

Dr. Richard Adams

Second Advisor

Dr. Robbert Ricci

Third Advisor

C. Curtis-Smith

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Matthew Steel

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Published after his death in 1898, Lewis Carroll's poem Three Sunsets explores the deepest of human emotions-love and loss. These complex emotions are often difficult to describe in words, yet Carroll is able to draw the reader into this world and project the shared feelings of all humanity. Unlike romantic poetry of his time, this work by Carroll is written in third person as a retelling of the story between two star-crossed lovers. This perspective allows the reader to experience the emotions of both the woman and the man. While Carroll's poetry remains open to all explanations of meaning, the music I wrote to accompany this particular poem hopefully conveys the artistry, sensitivity, and emotional depth inherent in Three Sunsets.

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Composition Commons