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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Elen Cutrim

Second Advisor

Dr. Eldor Quandt

Third Advisor

Dr. George Vuicich

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Ground-based hourly rain of the Amazon Basin was investigated for the period of January 1988 to December 1990. UFPa, Careiro, and CEPLAC rain stations were selected to represent the rain characteristics of coastal Amazonia, central Amazonia near the river, and central Amazonia in the "terra firme" respectively.

Throughout the period, UFPa exhibits a distinct diurnal cycle, with peak rain occurring from the mid-afternoon to early evening hours. The diurnal cycles of the inland stations is less pronounced, presenting significant nocturnal and early morning components.

Results from the pulse analysis of the hourly rainfall time series, lead to an average model of Amazonia's rain events.

Ground-based hourly rain was compared to hourly infrared GOES radiances for the period July 1989 to June 1990 over Careiro. Weak anti-correlation values between rain and radiance indicate no rain producing cold clouds and the possible occurrence of rain from warm clouds.

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