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Master of Arts



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Dr. Alan Poling

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Dr. Lisa Baker

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Dr. Heather McGee

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Masters Thesis-Abstract Only

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The percentage of women earning doctorate degrees is increasing in many areas of science, including psychology. However, the percentage of women publishing in journals concerned with these areas of science is not increasing at the same rate. Some have considered the difference in women's participation at different levels of science to be evidence of a glass ceiling. In an effort to further investigate women's participation in science, this study was designed to determine who is interested in, and who is examining, gender studies.

The percent of female authors, as compared to male authors, in the Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering from 1994 to 2009 was examined in order to determine women's participation in the area of gender studies. Data was obtained using an electronic version of the journal. The gender of each author was determined based on the author's name, or through a Google search of the author and his or her affiliation. The percent of female first and co-authors was found to be greater than 50% each year of the journal's publication. The area of gender studies differs from other areas of science in this respect. Future research should attempt to discover the reasons why this difference exists.