Optimal Production And Maintenance Planning For Flexible Manufacturing Systems

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In this paper we establish a theoretical basis for a class of flexible mannfacturing system (FMS) production and maintenance planning problem. Results include local Lipschitzian property of the optimal cost function for the FMS production and maintenance planning problem, existence of the optimal control policy, and necessary and sufficient conditions for optimaIity. The maintenance we consider is maintenance activities (such as lubrication, routine adjustments etc.) that reduces the rate of the machine aging but does not reduce the age of the machine directly. The effect of the maintenance is modelled as control constraints. Contrary to the model proposed by Boukas at el. (1990), we do not need to add a new discrete state for the jump Markov process and this makes the model relatively simple.

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E. K. Boukas, Q. Zhang and Q. Zhu, "Optimal production and maintenance planning for flexible manufacturing systems," Proceedings of 32nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 1993, pp. 3270-3271 vol.4, doi: 10.1109/CDC.1993.325809.