Research Day


The Kalamazoo Community Medical and Health Sciences Research Day is an annual event open to all interested health professionals, allied health professionals, biomedical science professionals, and students of these disciplines. Recognizing the great tradition of medical and health sciences research that exists in the Kalamazoo community, WMed joins with Borgess Medical Center, Bronson Methodist Hospital, Ferris State University, Kalamazoo College, and Western Michigan University to establish this forum to celebrate, promote, and further develop the richness and diversity of research in the Kalamazoo medical community.


Submissions from 2017

Single Incision Laparoscopic Resection of a Giant Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratoma, Hira H. Abidi and Michael J. Leinwand

Pseudocyesis presenting in a Case of Bipolar 1 Disorder, Manic with Psychosis, Arslan Ahmed, John Jacob, Chaz Johnson, Bangalore K. Ramesh, and Peter Longstreet

Times of Peak Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Peripheral Blood Subsets: Potential Implications for Study Design, Assessment of Immune Function, and Therapeutic Intervention in Type 1 Diabetes, McKenzie Akers


Delivery of Health Education in Adolescents with Behavioral Health Challenges, Ashley Akkal; Ransome Eke MD, PhD; Sulin Wu; Amy Rechenberg; Michael Madrid; Jose Lopez-Vera; and Duncan Vos

A Year in Review: Clarifying the State of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Research in 2016, Patrick Albright, Dagan Hammar, Xavier Jean, Beau Prey, Nicholas Sweda, and Brendan Tamm

Experimental Characterization and Numerical Simulations of Surgical Knots, Arz Y. Qwam Alden, Peter A. Gustafson, Andrew G. Geeslin, and Jeffrey C. King

Treatment of Headache in the ED: Haloperidol in the Acute setting (THE-HA Study), Kim Aldy D.O., Jessica McCoy M.D., Elizabeth Arnall D.O., and Joshua Petersen Pharm.D.

A Stochastically and Biomechanically Accurate Finite Element Approach for Patient Specific Modeling of Cancellous Bone, Saif Alrafeek, Peter A. Gustafson, and James Jastifer M.D.


Childhood Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension: a Case Report, Nathaniel Balmert and Joseph Prahlow

The Impact of Sexually Transmitted Infections on the Birth Outcomes for Women in Kalamazoo, Michigan Between 2008-2014, Laura Bauler, Cathy L. Kothari, Alyssa Woodwyk, Duncan Vos, and Terra Bautista

Peer-Led Diabetes Self-Management Program for Patients With Glycated Hemoglobin Values Greater Than 7%, Michael A. Behun, McKenzie Akers, Peter White, Amy O. Chonghasawat, Yen-Yu Tina Chen, Thu N. Nguyen, Grant M. Finlayson, and Cathy L. Kothari PhD

Engagement in Home Visiting Services During the Perinatal Period: Focus Group Findings, Ariel Berman, Cathy L. Kothari PhD, and Ann Miles

Analysis of Appropriate Initial Shoulder Imaging by Referring Physicians in Patients Referred to an Orthopaedic Surgeon for Shoulder Pain, Christopher Betzle Dr. and Keith Kenter


Determining Best Practices of Peer Mediation Methods in Kalamazoo Public Schools, Melanie Bourgeau, Dagan Hammar, Neil Hughes, Sarah Kemp, Sydney Spitler, and Cathy L. Kothari PhD

Left Carotid Artery Thrombosis due to Thromboangiitis Obliterans, Melanie Bourgeau and Joseph Prahlow

Evaluation of Injury Severity Differences in Intoxicated Blunt Trauma, Zachary Brady MS, MD; Jon Walsh MD, MPH; and Sheri L. Vandenberg RN, MS

The Impact of an Electronic System on Behavioral Screening Compliance in a Pediatric Clinic, Charles Brewerton, Grace Walter, Roger Apple, Peter Hoeksema, Beau Prey, and Stephanie Van Alsten

A Case Series of Anterograde and Retrograde Vascular Bullet Embolization, Jennifer Chao and Joseph Prahlow

History of Anticoagulants, Michael Chavarria, Melanie Bourgeau, Elizabeth Kinsella, Michelle L. Knapp, David Lee, Raphael Szymanski, and Kimberly Wells


A Review of Transcatheter Ablation for the Treatment of AVNRT in Children, Keegan Colletier, Sulin Wu, Stephanie Van Alsten, and Brittany Chow

Posterior Dislocation of a Total Knee Arthroplasty with a Polyethylene Tibial Post Fracture, Alexander Connaughton M.D. and Mark Noffsinger M.D.


Widening the Differential: a Case of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Disguised as a Fever of Unknown Origin, Emily Cordes

Thallium Toxicity: Complexities of Diagnosis and Management, Emily Cordes, Chris Difelice, Lauren Lamie, and Tom Melgar


A Case of Native Valve Staphylococcus Epidermidis Endocarditis with Cardiac Abscess Formation, Emily Cordes, Chris Jacob, and Mark Loehrke


Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Madagascar, Emily Cordes and Richard Roach