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Reprogramming Myoblasts Into Potent Stem Cells Through Injury Muscle Tissue Extracts

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We recently discovered the potency of muscle stem cells isolated from injured and non-injured muscle differ significantly. The current report hypothesizes that the 'micro-milieu' vs. the niche within the injured muscles can regulate the resident muscle cells into a potency behavior of adult stem cells. We thus propose to investigate whether supplementing the cells' culture medium with injured muscle tissue extract (IMTE) can influence the potency and regenerative potential of myoblasts in vitro. Treatment of IMTEs resulted in the myoblasts increase proliferation, differentiation and migration abilities as well as increased their survival abilities within the stress, e.g. oxidative culture conditions in vitro. We also detected the IMTEs treated myoblasts increased miRNA133 but decreased miRNA miRNA206 and P38. Our study provides proof for the concept that the injured tissues micro-milieu contain some stimulator that can enhance the stem cell potency, prevent resident cell survival and accelerate the regenerative potential for the injured tissues. This study also suggests the modification of stem cell behaviors with the injured tissues that will be another important outcome to provide novel insight into the field of stem cell-based regenerative medicine and applications.

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