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Does Pancreatic Enzyme Dose Correlate With Improvement Of Vitamin D Levels {25(OH)D}, In Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Patients?

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INTRODUCTION: CF causes pancreatic insufficiency (PI) and lipid-soluble vitamins deficiency. In patients with low 25(OH)D, we hypothesize that pancreatic enzymes supplements (PERT) are not sufficient. We anticipate that correct dose of PERT will improve subsequent 25(OH)D in PI patients.

OBJECTIVES: To assess whether PI status and enzymes dose correlates with 25(OH)D in CF, if MedPack affects 25(OH)D.

METHODS: A QI initiative successfully reduced the incidence of 25(OH)D deficiency in the CF patients treated WMed CF Clinics. A retrospective study was conducted to analyse how PERT dose and other factors was related to 25(OH)D. Statistical analyses were completed using SAS v9.4.

RESULTS: Average 25(OH)D was 32.32(95% CI: 29.05, 35.59) for PI vs. 42.86(95% CI: 37.49, 48.22) for PS (P:0.0018). Patient with PI had a weekly VID dose at 41,474(95% CI: 32,631, 50,316) vs. 5,461, 32,915)( P:0.0065)for PS patients. The 25(OH)D for patients on a MedPack was higher 40.71(95% CI: 36.15, 45.27), vs was 33.49(95% CI: 30.18, 36.79)(

CONCLUSION: PI status is significantly related to both vitamin D level and vitamin D dose, However, Enzyme dose was significantly related to vitamin D level. MedPack was significantly related to vitamin D level.

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