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A Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Lateral Meniscus Posterior Root Avulsions on Tibiofemoral Contact Mechanics

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Purpose: The effects of lateral meniscus posterior root avulsions have been studied in combination with meniscofemoral ligament (MFL) deficiencies. This submission updates progress from a poster presentation at last year’s WMed Research day with preliminary results done to validate a set of biomechanical finite element analyses (FEA) against previously reported experimental results done on cadaveric knees. Methods: A finite element model which examines intact and deficient knees with the following conditions will be presented: (1) intact, (2) lateral posterior root avulsion, (3) deficient MFLs and lateral meniscus posterior root avulsion. The model of each condition will maintain a fixed flection angle of 0° under a 1000 N compressive load. The model outputs include contact area and pressure in the tibiofemoral contact region. Results: A preliminary set of FEA computations will be presented providing contact area and pressure distribution across the tibiofemoral contact region. This will include discussion of early development work including MRI segmentation and mesh creation using 3D slicer and HyperMesh software packages as well as model setup and parameters used to run the analysis in Abaqus finite element solver. Conclusion: Development of musculoskeletal finite element models, especially those validated against laboratory experimentation, are critical to describe the biomechanics of dynamic axial loads, rotational loads, and shear stress incident upon the knee. The preliminary results will help provide progress to further work in order to validate the set of models to describe the contact mechanics of intact and structurally deficient knee joints. The clinical relevance includes providing orthopaedic surgeons will an improved knowledge of the biomechanical consequences of the available repair techniques, and thus improved capability for surgical decision making. This research project would like to present this work in an oral, podium format.

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