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Extensive geographic coverage, including China, South East Asia, Arabia, Sasanian Persia, the Muslim Empire, the Byzantine empire, and Western Europe allows the essays gathered in this volume to offer a well differentiated examination of seals and sealing practices between 400 and 1500 CE. Contributors expose rather than assume the inter-subjective, transnational, and transcultural connectivity at work within the varied processes mediated by seals and sealing – representation, authorization, identification, and transmission. These essays encourage an understanding that seals operated in liminal, transitional situations arising from legal, administrative, martial, mercantile, or diplomatic encounters, creating cross-cultural sealing networks in which adaption and accommodation underlay the force of seals as objects and images that generate sociocultural identification through mutual exchange and visual hybridity.



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Arc Humanities Press


Leeds, UK


global history, seals, archaeology, material culture, sigillography, trademarks, identity, hybridity, diplomacy, magic, Islam, Buddhism, Daoism, scholasticism


European History | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Medieval History | Medieval Studies

TMG 4 (2018): Seals--Making and Marking Connections Across the Medieval World



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