47th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2012)

Session Title

Game-Playing, Storytelling, and Manuscripts

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis Univ.

Organizer Name

Thomas Rowland

Organizer Affiliation

St. Louis Univ.

Presider Name

Elizabeth Kempton

Presider Affiliation

St. Louis Univ.

Paper Title 1

Moving inside the Text: Intromersive Scene in Word and Image

Presenter 1 Name

Thomas Rowland

Paper Title 2

"Ernest of Game": Nested Games in Chaucer's Knight's Tale

Presenter 2 Name

Nora L. Corrigan

Presenter 2 Affiliation

Mississippi Univ. for Women

Paper Title 3

Body-Play in the Middle English Chance of the Dice

Presenter 3 Name

Matthew Sergi

Presenter 3 Affiliation

Wellesley College

Paper Title 4

Gaming the Rose: Social Play in the Chicago Rose and Chess

Presenter 4 Name

Kelli Wood

Presenter 4 Affiliation

Univ. of Chicago

Start Date

11-5-2012 10:00 AM

Session Location

Fetzer 2016

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May 11th, 10:00 AM

Game-Playing, Storytelling, and Manuscripts

Fetzer 2016