47th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2012)

Session Title

Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Tolkien at Kalamazoo

Organizer Name

Brad Eden

Organizer Affiliation

Valparaiso Univ.

Presider Name

Amy Amendt-Raduege

Presider Affiliation

Whatcom Community College

Paper Title 1

Sigurd's Second Coming

Presenter 1 Name

Gerard Hynes

Presenter 1 Affiliation

Trinity College, Univ. of Dublin

Paper Title 2

Morris, Tolkien, and the Logic of Medievalist Feminism

Presenter 2 Name

Larry W. Caldwell

Presenter 2 Affiliation

Univ. of Evansville

Paper Title 3

Struck in the Eyes by Sigurd and Gudrun

Presenter 3 Name

Janice M. Bogstad, Philip E. Kaveny

Presenter 3 Affiliation

Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Paper Title 4

Tangled with Works of Old: Sigurd and Gudrun in the Web of Tolkien's Writings

Presenter 4 Name

Merlin DeTardo

Presenter 4 Affiliation

Independent Scholar

Start Date

11-5-2012 1:30 PM

Session Location

Bernhard 204

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May 11th, 1:30 PM

Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun

Bernhard 204