47th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2012)

Session Title

Tolkien and Women

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Tolkien at Kalamazoo

Organizer Name

Brad Eden

Organizer Affiliation

Valparaiso Univ.

Presider Name

Christopher T. Vaccaro

Presider Affiliation

Univ. of Vermont

Paper Title 1

Women and Tolkien: Amazons, Valkyries, Feminists, and Slashers

Presenter 1 Name

Robin Anne Reid

Presenter 1 Affiliation

Texas A&M Univ.-Commerce

Paper Title 2

Constructing Lothiriel: Rewriting and Rescuing the Women of Middle-earth from the Margins

Presenter 2 Name

Catherine Coker

Presenter 2 Affiliation

Texas A&M Univ.

Paper Title 3

Revising Lobelia

Presenter 3 Name

Amy Amendt-Raduege

Presenter 3 Affiliation

Whatcom Community College

Paper Title 4

Wo-man: Tolkien's Nomenclature for the Feminine in His Invented Languages

Presenter 4 Name

Eileen Marie Moore

Presenter 4 Affiliation

Cleveland State Univ.

Start Date

12-5-2012 10:00 AM

Session Location

Schneider 1280

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May 12th, 10:00 AM

Tolkien and Women

Schneider 1280