47th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2012)

Session Title

Romanian Medievalia: Narratives of Identity

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality of New York

Organizer Name

Theodor Damian

Organizer Affiliation

Metropolitan College of New York

Presider Name

Theodor Damian

Paper Title 1

The Construction of Identity: Form the Heraldic Signs to the Advertising Signs

Presenter 1 Name

Sofia Bratu

Presenter 1 Affiliation

Spiru Haret Univ.

Paper Title 2

Identity Construction: Medieval Women in Romanian Historical Fiction

Presenter 2 Name

Ramona Mihalia

Presenter 2 Affiliation

Spiru Haret Univ.

Paper Title 3

Ecclesiastical Art and Architecture at the Crossroads: The Church of the Three Hierarchs in Iasi

Presenter 3 Name

Alice Isabella Sullivan

Presenter 3 Affiliation

Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Paper Title 4

Dacian History as Reflected in Romanian and European Heritage

Presenter 4 Name

Napoleon Savescu

Presenter 4 Affiliation

Dacia Revival International Society

Start Date

12-5-2012 1:30 PM

Session Location

Schneider 1360

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May 12th, 1:30 PM

Romanian Medievalia: Narratives of Identity

Schneider 1360