Session Title

Materialities of Lydgate

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Lydgate Society

Organizer Name

Alaina Bupp; Timothy R. Jordan

Organizer Affiliation

Univ. of Colorado-Boulder; Ohio Univ.-Zanesville

Presider Name

Timothy R. Jordan

Paper Title 1

Performance Palimpsests: Materiality, Presentation, and Empherality in the Work of John Lydgate

Presenter 1 Name

Matthew Evan Davis

Presenter 1 Affiliation

Blinn College

Paper Title 2

Reading Matter: Evidence of Active Reading in Lydgate's Manuscripts

Presenter 2 Name

Alaina Bupp

Start Date

11-5-2019 10:00 AM

Session Location

Schneider 1225

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May 11th, 10:00 AM

Materialities of Lydgate

Schneider 1225