Session Title

Ovid's Transformations in the Middle Ages

Sponsoring Organization(s)

Societas Ovidiana

Organizer Name

William Little

Organizer Affiliation

Ohio State Univ.

Presider Name

William Little

Paper Title 1

Medicine and Metamorphosis : The Case of the Ovide moralisé

Presenter 1 Name

Thomas Murphy

Presenter 1 Affiliation

New York Univ.

Paper Title 2

Women as Preachers, Correctors, and Corrected Pupils in the Ovide moralisé

Presenter 2 Name

Molly Bronstein

Presenter 2 Affiliation

Univ. of California-Berkeley

Paper Title 3

Ovid's Disembodied Voices: Reading Chaucer's Ceyx and Alcyone in Light of Ovid's Tristia

Presenter 3 Name

Benjamin J. Philippi

Presenter 3 Affiliation

Univ. of Tennessee-Knoxville

Paper Title 4

Speaking the Unspeakable: Mythic Alter-Egos in Dante, Boccaccio, and Chaucer

Presenter 4 Name

Kathryn L. McKinley

Presenter 4 Affiliation

Univ. of Maryland-Baltimore County

Start Date

9-5-2020 3:30 PM

Session Location

Bernhard 210

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May 9th, 3:30 PM

Ovid's Transformations in the Middle Ages

Bernhard 210