Volume 56, Number 1 (2020) Gender and Materialism

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Introduction: New Approaches to Medieval Romance, Materiality, and Gender p. 5-17
Amy Burge, Morgan Boharski, Jane Bonsall, Lydia Hayes, Danielle Howarth, and Vanessa Wright

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General Editor
Jessica A. Boon, Religious Studies, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Associate Editors
Jessica Barr, Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Jennifer C. Edwards, History, Manhattan College
Liz Herbert McAvoy, English, Swansea University

Guest Editors
Morgan Boharski
Jane Bonsall
Amy Burge
Lydia Hayes
Danielle Howarth
Vanessa Wright

The Editorial Collective are grateful for the support we have received for this project which has been offered willingly and enthusiastically. In particular, we would like to thank our respondent contributors, Bettina Bildhauer, Liz Herbert McAvoy, and Anne E. Lester, and the scholars who reviewed parts of this work: Rosalind Brown-Grant, Emma Campbell, Victoria Flood, Lesley Kordecki, Roberta Krueger, Megan G. Leitch, Daniel Thomas, and Amy Vines.

This special issue is dedicated to Rosemary, born in 2018, the youngest member of the Editorial Collective.