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The COVID Overview page was obtained from Michigan's main COVID-19 page: https:/,9753,7-406-98163-520743--,00.html.

This report is provisional and subject to change. City of Detroit and Wayne County are reported separately. MDHHS began tracking probable cases April 5, 2020. FCI indicates federal correctional institute. MDOC indicates Michigan Department of Corrections. Diagnostic tests, including nucleic acid amplification/real-time polymerase chain reaction (NAAT/RT-PCR) and rapid virus antigen detection point of care (POC) tests, look for current infection. Serology (antibody) tests are used to look for the possibility of previous infection.
Source: Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) and Vital Records

The website contained the tables Cases by Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity and Cases by Arab Ethnicity.
The dashboard contained the tabs Current Status (subtabs View Cases, View Deaths, View Table), Daily Cases (subtabs Confirmed Cases, Deaths, View Table), Cumulative Trends (subtabs View Table, View Chart), Demographics (subtabs Confirmed Cases, Probable Cases, Confirmed Deaths, Probable Deaths), Total Testing (subtabs View Table, View Chart), Diagnostic Testing (subtabs View Table, View Chart), and Learn More.
The public use datasets contained the following downloadable Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx): Cases and the Deaths by County, Cases by County by Date, Cases by Demographics Statewide, COVID-19 Tests by County, Diagnostic Tests by Result and County.

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Note on daily confirmed cases (7/26/20): As reported yesterday, messaging system issues resulted in the delay of laboratory result referrals from Friday evening through Saturday morning. The issue has been resolved and the back-logged referrals have been processed. Today’s new cases include a portion of referrals that would have appeared in Saturday's daily count, but had not been processed at the time of Saturday’s report.

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