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The COVID Overview page was obtained from Michigan's main COVID-19 page: https:/,9753,7-406-98163-520743--,00.html. Data was compiled by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). The information was updated daily at 3p.m., with COVID-19 results included as of 10 a.m.

Note on cumulative counts: This report is provisional and subject to change. As public health investigations of individual cases continue, there will be corrections to the status and details of referred cases that result in changes to this report.
Note on the deaths: Deaths must be reported by health care providers, medical examiners/coroners, and recorded by local health departments in order to be counted.
Note on jurisdictional classification: In order to provide more accurate data, the “Other” jurisdiction category will no longer be used. Michigan Department of Corrections cases will be listed under “MDOC”. Federal Correctional Institution cases will be listed under “FCI”.

The website contained the tables Overall Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by County, Age Data of Overall Deceased, Cases by Sex, Cases by Age, Cases by Race, and Cases by Ethnicity. It also contains a statistic on Cumulative Total of Recovered COVID-19 Cases.

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*Although a reduced number of COVID-19 cases are being reported today, 645 cases compared to 1,210 reported on April 11, and deaths, 95 compared to 111 on April 11, we cannot say if this represents a true decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths in our state.

Reported case counts may reflect a reduction in the amount of laboratory testing performed over the weekend and holiday. Single day fluctuations in the number of confirmed cases may not be significant, as a number of external factors can affect data reporting.

Although there is a limited amount of data to compare, previous testing reports have illustrated consistent Sunday decreases with some being as high as a 25 percent reduction over the previous day. Sunday, March 22 had a 25 percent drop in reported tests. Sunday, March 29 saw a 3 percent drop in reported tests. Sunday, April 5 saw a 25 percent drop in reported tests.

Please note that these represent the date that the laboratory sent the information, not the date of onset of symptoms for the cases which would precede this date and is collected during the public health response to these referrals.

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