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The COVID Long Term Care Facilities page was obtained from Michigan's COVID-19 data page:,9753,7-406-98163_98173-526911--,00.html.

This report is created by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services from data self-reported by long-term care facilities into EMResource. Data for all reporting facilities is posted weekly each Monday.

The information below represents COVID-19 data reported directly to MDHHS by licensed and operating Skilled Nursing, Home for the Aged and Adult Foster Care facilities (licensed to serve 13 or more individuals) in Michigan from January 1, 2020. All long-term care facilities additionally have an obligation to report COVID-positive residents and/or staff to their Local Health Department. Ensuring accurate and timely reporting by those facilities subject to MDHHS reporting requirements is a priority for the State of Michigan. The data is leveraged to guide state efforts and ensure sufficient support is provided where it is needed most, as well as to allow transparency for residents and families. MDHHS employs ongoing data validation processes and works with the Institute for Health Policy at MSU to support additional validation exercises on the data. When a facility is flagged for a validation concern, the department may work with the Regional Health Care Coalition, conduct direct outreach, and provide technical assistance to the facility. Facilities are provided the opportunity to correct entry errors identified during the validation process. All data presented is considered provisional and may change as facilities correct or add data.

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Please note the following additions to the data file as of June 21, 2021:

  • Number and percentage of facilities conducting COVID-19 tests within the reporting period included in Summary, Facility, and County tabs.
  • PPE Availability tab depicting percentage of facilities reporting adequate PPE supply prospectively for one week.
  • Historical Data tab containing a master listing of all incident (reporting period) data submitted by facilities.

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