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The COVID Long Term Care Facilities page was obtained from Michigan's COVID-19 data page:,9753,7-406-98163_98173-526911--,00.html.

This report is created by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services from data self-reported by long-term care facilities into EMResource. Data is updated on an ongoing basis.

The data below represents a cumulative total of confirmed COVID-19 resident cases, cumulative total of suspected and confirmed resident deaths, cumulative total of confirmed COVID-19 staff cases, and cumulative total of suspected and confirmed staff deaths reported by SNFs in Michigan since January 1, 2020. Case numbers are provisional and may change as facilities correct or add data.
In addition, residents and family members should understand that the presence of COVID-19 at a facility is no way an indicator of a facility that isn’t following proper procedures. Families should always feel free to ask questions of the facility where their loved one resides, and if not satisfied, contact their local ombudsman.

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Data Validation Project
Ensuring accurate and timely reporting from nursing facilities has been a priority for the State of Michigan. The data is critical to guide state efforts and ensure sufficient support is provided where it is needed most, as well as to allow transparency for residents and families. MDHHS began collecting the data on April 23, and revised the reporting process to align with CDC/CMS requirements on May 22. To address challenges in reporting, MDHHS initiated an individualized phone call campaign to validate and improve the accuracy of key data fields, clarify state and federal reporting expectations, verify facility staff access to the required systems, and address facilities’ questions. The campaign has improved adherence to reporting standards and has led many facilities to correct their reported data in EMResource.

  • The number of facilities reporting in EMResource has increased by 6 percentage points, and almost all facilities have now reported with most reporting daily.
  • 38 facilities reported cases for the first time in EMResource within days of the phone calls.
  • More than 110 facilities reported an increased number of cases and/or deaths in EMResource to match the responses given over the phone.

In the reporting period between June 7, 2020 – June 14, 2020, all but 1 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in Michigan reported data to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (note: new facilities are included in the following tables but do not have reporting capabilities at this time). Facilities that have completed partial reports are included in this figure. Data will be updated daily, Monday- Friday.

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