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Caroline M. Barron is the world's leading authority on the history of medieval London. For half a century she has investigated London's role as medieval England's political, cultural, and commercial capital, together with the urban landscape and the social, occupational, and religious cultures that shaped the lives of its inhabitants. This collection of eighteen papers focuses on four themes: crown and city; parish, church, and religious culture; the people of medieval London; and the city's intellectual and cultural world. They represent essential reading on the history of one of the world's greatest cities by its foremost scholar.

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Medieval Institute Publications


Medieval Institute Publications






London - medieval, medieval cities, urban history - England


European History | Medieval Studies

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Carlin, Martha and Joel T. Rosenthal, eds. Medieval London: Collected Papers of Caroline M. Barron. Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute Publications, 2017.

Medieval London: Collected Papers of Caroline M. Barron