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William Caxton’s Paris and Vienne and Blanchardyn and Eglantine are English versions of romances well-known in medieval and early Renaissance Europe, but outside the modern canon of early English literature. Like many of his publications, they are translations of prose works circulating at the court of Burgundy, but unlike his other romances, they do not belong to the matters of the Nine Worthies. They are independent narratives of love and adventure presenting two differing but complementary accounts of chivalry and courtly love. Following fifteenth-century fashions, they treat conventional materials with a degree of realism and imbue characters with subjectivity. Blanchardyn, published at the behest of Margaret, mother of Henry VII, is militaristic and attentive to governance, and notable for its affective narration and sophisticated style. Paris features a linear plot, lively characters, and employs generic motifs to explore issues of social mobility, family dynamics, and female autonomy.

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William Caxton's Paris and Vienne and Blanchardyn and Eglantine