Open Journal of Occupational Therapy: Occupation and the Artist



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Alli Berman has been an artist, educator, author, and lecturer for more than 25 years. Her art can be found in private, corporate, and nonprofit collections around the world. Berman is the creator of PuzzleArt, a series of small abstract paintings that combine to form a modular puzzle. When a stroke impacted Berman’s quality of life, she turned to art for answers. Engagement in a meaningful activity, such as painting, provided her motivation and strength for continued physical and psychological healing. The PuzzleArt concept evolved from a simple exercise that helped Berman to fit all of the missing pieces back together again. PuzzleArt Therapy creates opportunities for people to connect with the arts, their inner-selves, and each other. What started as a simple exercise has evolved into a therapeutic modality helping thousands of children and adults. Today, Berman is on a personal crusade to help as many people as she can. PuzzleArt Therapy is used in vision therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, and neurorehabilitation centers around the world.


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PuzzleArt Therapy: Connecting the Pieces in Search of Answers