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  • Individuals diagnosed with LE often present with increased pain and decreased functioning in daily activities. LE, commonly referred to as "tennis elbow," which results from stress and pain to the lateral epicondyle or extensor carpi radialis brevis (ERCB). This can develop from a single incident, injury or trauma, which results in pain with gripping and lifting (Leadbetter, 2016).
  • Ultrasound (US) utilizes wave production to cause thermal or nonthermal sound waves to stimulate tissue by increasing collagen extensibility and enabling the inflammatory process (Knight & Draper, 2013).
  • Areas being treated by US require different depths; a 1.0 mHz sound head reaches a depth of 3-5 cm and a 3.0 mHZ sound head reaches a depth of 1-2 cm (Ledbetter, 2016).