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Survey Response

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This is a response to the Pandemic Community Accounts questionnaire, created in April 2020 by Western Michigan University Libraries faculty.

Each upload contains raw survey responses from a single participant who consented to participating and who also completed the free-response narrative. The questionnaire contains a mix of free response and multiple choice questions, including: (1) agreement to participate and be included in the collection, (2) indication of first time participation, (3) name, (4) age, (5) WMU community inclusion, (6) job title, (7) population density of current residence, (8) state and county of current residence, (9) household size, (10) pets, (11) COVID testing and diagnosis, and (12) pandemic experiences.

Account files were labeled according to the date the survey was completed. Participants could choose to respond anonymously by not providing their names, and could choose to skip any question except for the first two. For consistency, no identifying information is contained within the metadata.


The affiliated dataset, "Data for the Community Pandemic Accounts Project" is housed in Zenodo: The dataset is formally licensed under CC BY 4.0, and should be cited as follows upon reuse:

Daria Orlowska, Susan Steuer, & Sharon Carlson. (2022). Data for the Community Pandemic Accounts Project [Data set]. Zenodo.

Available for download on Thursday, May 01, 2025