The authors are pleased to acknowledge the generous support of the Esso Education Foundation and the George A. Ramlose Foundation; as well as, the vital institutional support and encouragement of Judson Rea Butler, the founding dean of the College, Horatio M. LaFauci , under whose leadership the College flourished for 14 years, Brendan F. Gilbane the current dean and Dean B. Doner the Academic Vice President of Boston University.

The College of Basic Studies (CBS) offers a successful, 2-year, post secondary educational program designed specifically to serve low-achieving students. It admits applicants who are denied admission into 4-year programs at Boston University because of marginal pre-entrance credentials; then, through application of principles described in this report, CBS provides new paths to career and professional training for those students. Improved education and promotion of equal opportunity are the objectives of the program. Admitting low-achieving students and providing them a "second chance" is its mission. Innovation and reform in the procedures of education have been the guiding principles of the program since its inception.