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Based on the work of Rumelhart (1977), reading is currently characterized as an interactive process. The resulting "interactive model" is conceptualized as the interaction of many factors during the reader's print processing, all of which influence comprehension. Research related to the model has indicated a variability among readers' comprehension that is due to the interaction of factors such as: reader's background knowledge, motivation, interest, text structure, task expectations, and flexibility (Anderson & Pearson, 1984; Meyer & Rice, 1984; Wigfield & Asher, 1984; Anderson & Pichert, 1978; Spiro, 1980; Campione & Brown, 1985). As a result, the reader is viewed as an active participant who constructs text meaning. To gather this information, a survey was conducted which examined current diagnostic/corrective practices and explored areas of needed change. Also included were perceived areas of weakness in current practices.

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