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The scientific movement in education was well under way when Witmer established the Psychological Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania and began his work with children showing evidence of educational maladjustment. It is fortunate for mankind that Witmer had the versatility to set aside his laboratory experimentation in order to help a classroom teacher overcome a spelling difficulty of one of her pupils. The scientific movement in education had produced the first Psycho-Educational Clinic. New concepts were introduced into the theory and practice of education. These were precise observation, accurate description, and tested generalizations. These additions made educational changes possible and then inevitable. Clinics were established and psychological laboratories were opened for the study of the deviant individual. Scientific principles were applied in the field of education and psychologists and educators began to work together. It is the purpose of this article to set forth the history, functions, procedures, and growth trends of the Psycho-Educational Clinic at Western Michigan University.

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