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Although experts may debate the literary value of series books and bemoan readers’ reluctance to move away from familiar characters and settings, the fact remains that they often draw reluctant readers to the printed word. There is no evidence that reading series books ruins the literary health or moral fiber of readers (Tunnell & Jacobs, 2008). In fact, the opposite may happen since series books often promotes reading in reluctant readers. Time spent searching for something to read can be shortened, and long hours can be filled profitably with series reading since readers already know the types of books for which they’re searching. If readers find the character at the heart of a series book to be interesting enough, they’ll stick with that character as he/she grows or experiences all sorts of adventures, some likely, some not so likely. Some readers find themselves maturing alongside the characters who have become their friends on the printed pages, and use their behavior as models for their own.

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