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Classrooms are continuing to become increasingly diverse, and today’s teachers often look for trade books that will help them reach students from places near and far. Books reviewed: Early Grades: Faith by Maya Ajmera, Magda Nakassis, & Cynthia Pon (2009); Words to my life’s song by Ashley Bryan (2009); 14 cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy with Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. (2009); Stories from the billabong by James Vance Marshall (2009); Cycle of rice, cycle of life: A story of sustainable farming by Jan Reynolds (2009). Middle Grades: Anything but typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin (2009); All the broken pieces by Ann E. Burg (2009); Broken memory: A novel of Rwanda by Elisabeth Combres (2009); Every human has rights: A photographic declaration for kids. (National Geographic, 2009); Where the mountain meets the moon by Grace Lin (2009); Bad news for outlaws: the remarkable life of Bass Reeves, deputy U.S. marshal by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (2009); After Gandhi: One hundred years of nonviolent resistance by Anne Sibley O’Brien & Perry Edmond O’Brien. (2009); Tofu quilt by Ching Yeung Russell (2009). Upper Grades: Bausum, Ann - Denied, detained, deported: Stories from the dark side of American immigration. (2009); Edwardson, Debby Dahl - Blessing’s bead (2009); Griffin, Paul. (2009). The orange houses; Hoose, Phillip. (2009). Claudette Colvin: Twice toward freedom; Khan, Rukhsana. (2009). Wanting Mor; Murphy, Jim. (2009). Truce: The day the soldiers stopped fighting; Naidoo, Beverley. (2009). Burn my heart; Nelson, Marilyn. (2009). The Sweethearts of Rhythm: The story of the greatest all-girl swing band in the world; Partridge, Elizabeth. (2009). Marching for freedom: Walk together, children, and don’t you grow weary; Perkins, Mitali. (2009). Secret keeper; Stork, Francisco X. (2009). Marcelo in the real world.

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