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Books reviewed: Anthologies: Andrews, Julie and Walton, Emma. (2009). (Anthologists). Julie Andrews’ collection of poems, songs, and lullabies; Cullinan, Bernice E. and Wooten, Deborah. (2010). (Anthologists). Another jar of tiny stars: Poems by more NCTE award-winning poets; Martin, Bill, & Sampson, Michael. (2008). (Anthologists). The Bill Martin, Jr. big book of poetry: Paschen, Elise. (2010). (Anthologist). Poetry speaks who I am: Poems of discovery, inspiration, independence, and everything else; Yolen, Jane & Peters, Andrew Fusek. (2007). (Anthologists). Here’s a little poem: A very first book of poetry. Collections: Wilson, Karma. (2009). What’s the weather inside?; Heard, Georgia. (2009). (Compiler). Falling down the page: A book of list poems; Hopkins, Lee Bennett. (2010). (Compiler). Sharing the seasons: A book of poems; Janeczko, Paul B. (2009). (Compiler). A foot in the mouth: Poems to speak, sing and shout; Atkins, Jeannine. (2010). Borrowed names: Poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie and their daughters; Ehlert, Lois. (2010). Lots of spots; Florian, Douglas. (2009). Dinothesaurus: Prehistoric poems and paintings; Florian, Douglas. (2010). Poetrees; Franco, Betsy. (2009). A curious collection of cats: Concrete poems; Holbrook, Sara. (2010). Zombies! Evacuate the school; Hopkins, Lee Bennett. (2009). City I love; Lewis, J. Patrick. (2009). The underwear salesman and other jobs for better or verse; Peters, Lisa Estberg. (2010). Volcano wakes up!; Sidman, Joyce. (2010). Ubiquitous: Celebrating nature’s survivors; Singer, Marilyn. (2010). Mirror Mirror: A book of reversible verse; Yolen, Jane. (2010). An egret’s day. Poetry Picture Books: Hughes, Langston. (2009). My people; Myers, Walter Dean. (2009). Looking like me. Verse Novels: Brison, Pat. (2010). The best and hardest thing; Frost, Helen. (2009). Crossing stones; Engle, Margarita. (2010). The firefly letters: A suffragette’s journey to Cuba; Richards, Jame. (2010). Three rivers rising: A novel of the Johnstown flood.

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