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Echoes From the Field


Lois VanDenBerg

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The Gull Lake Community Schools have been engaged in consolidating services and curriculum into eight buildings from five former school districts. Title I of the Elementary Secondary Education Act has given incentive and funds for the teachers to work cooperatively to develop worthwhile programs to benefit students. A steering committee helped to appraise the needs as identified by the staff. Working within the framework of this act, the staff members unanimously agreed that individual or small group instruction in the language arts and mathematics would be beneficial for those children with correctable academic deficiencies. It has been recommended that academic, cultural, and social experiences for certain children be provided. As a result of this report, a summer program in certain fundamental skills has been planned with reinforcement by counseling and library services. Experienced teachers have received in-service training in teaching techniques, diagnosing learning difficulties, selecting appropriate materials, and in evaluating learning experiences and methods. Adequate skills centers have been established for an on-going program in reading and language arts in needed locations throughout the system for the next academic year. Since this has been a joint effort of the school staff, the administration hopes to have established the groundwork for better programs of readiness and developmental reading within the whole school system.

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