The Teaching Modules found here are designed for use in college level or advanced high school classes. They incorporate various approaches to the study of religion and the pandemic. At WMU they are being tested in an introductory course on religion today as well as an introductory Philosophy course. We invite you to download the modules and make use of them in your classrooms. If you make use of them, we would appreciate any feedback you might have for improvement. We also invite you to develop similar modules and to share them with us for posting here so that others may benefit. Please contact Dr. Stephen Covell at Thank you.


Submissions from 2022


Orthodox Jewish Women and Ritual Purity During the Pandemic, Stephen Covell, Diane Riggs, and Cameron Borg


Public Policy and Religion in the Pandemic: U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, Stephen Covell, Diane Riggs, and Cameron Borg