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Annual Report

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  • Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education (CRICPE)
  • The Office of the Vice President Initiated a New Program - Undergraduates Discover Discovery
  • NSF Career Award Winners - Fahad Saeed, Elena Litvinova, and Wendy Beane
  • Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors Focus on Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
  • Faculty Scholar Award
  • From Invention to Commercialization
  • External Funding
  • WMed Research Activities
  • Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Recipients
  • Support for Faculty Scholars Award
  • Graduate Student Research and Travel Grants
  • External Awards to Faculty and Staff
  • Research and Creative Activities Poster Day - Graduate Student Participant Winners
  • Technology Development Fund Awards
  • Faculty Research and Creative Activities
  • WMU Centers and Institutes