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"The Economics of Work and Family" is the 37th annual Public Lecture-Seminar Series organized by the Department of Economics at Western Michigan University. This year's series focuses on the economics of work and family, including the importance of child care policy, the economics of fertility, and the effects of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. This year, the series is directed by Dr. Emily P. Hoffman, Professor of Economics, and Dr. Jean Kimmel, Senior Economist at the W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, which is the co-sponsor of the series. Assisting Drs. Hoffman and Kimmel are Professors Wei-Chiao Huang, Susan Pozo, and Eskander Alvi of the Economics Department. The Wednesday afternoon lectures, followed by a question and answer session, are open to the public. Each scholar will also present a seminar to faculty, graduate students, and other interested practitioners.

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