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Recent political decisions to redesign the welfare system compels single mothers to work. With concern for the women and children so effected, this qualitative study explores the views of 42 poor single mothers regarding (1) their aspirations and dreams in relation to work and (2) the helpfulness of their social support networks in enabling them to make transitions to work or to study. Analysis was performed on both the sample as a whole and on subgroups of respondents who were divided by work category, e.g. employed fulltime, employed part-time, women who were students and full-time mothers. Developing meaningful subgroupings of single mothers may help avoid the dangers inherent in lumping all single mothers into a large and potentially inaccurate category.

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Wijnberg, Marion H., and Susan Weinger. "When Dreams Wither and Resources Fail: The Social-Support Systems of Poor Single Mothers." Families in Society 79.2 (1998): 212-9.

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