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Creative Work

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Spring 2024


Social Work

Artist’s Statement

Creating these paintings was an exercise of self acceptance, self love and embracing femininity. In painting these feminine forms, I’ve grown to love and appreciate vulnerable aspects of myself that I’d been too afraid to embody. My dream through creating art is to inspire creativity out of others and to grant those who may need the permission to join me in practicing self-embodiment, self-appreciation and self-love. My paintings are born from photographs or ideas of certain poses that are then sketched onto the paper in pencil. I paint with vibrant and often metallic acrylic paints. I experiment with a variety of brushes, sponges, and other items to add texture in my process. My favorite process step in creating my work is the step I like to call, “f***ing it up on purpose.” This is where I intentionally create more texture without strategy until I feel good and finished. My art embraces the beauty of imperfection and depicts the mysterious, encompassing, and sometimes illusive allure of the divine feminine.


acrylic on poster board

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Painting Commons