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Creative Work

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Spring 2024



Artist’s Statement

As an international student pursuing a degree in Creative Writing thousands of miles away from home, painting continues to be my medium of creative expression in addition to writing. I play with a variety of hues and styles in my amateurish attempts and considering myself as my primary audience I rarely worry about any mistakes or lack of neatness which makes the process very satisfying and relaxing for me. Over the last three years that I have spent in the US I have tried my hands on calligraphy and through this effort I have not only used this to improve my control of the brush and combining colors for back and foreground but I have also found myself connecting more strongly with Allah and Quran. I try to read Quran more in my free time when I'm stressed or am missing my family and try to find verses which give me peace and hope. This painting mentions a verse from the Holy Quran which translates as "Do not lose hope, nor be sad" (Quran 3:139). This is one of my most favorite verses from the Quran as it helps me keep going on my bad days.


acrylic on canvas

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Painting Commons