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Summer 2024


This research examines the influence of rural-urban migration on China's pension insurance system. China's urban-rural structure is rapidly transforming. Consequently, the migration of populations from rural to urban areas has significantly impacted the social security system, especially the pension insurance system. This study analyzes data from 141,456 respondents using a binomial logistic regression model to explore the key factors influencing individual participation in pension insurance for the urban working group. The results indicate that education level, income, employment status, workplace, and residential area significantly affect pension insurance participation. Notably, an increase in education and income levels, as well as residing in economically developed areas, significantly enhances the likelihood of participating in pension insurance. These findings significantly deepen our understanding of how rural-urban migration affects the pension insurance system, providing a scientific basis for policy formulation.




Professor Wei-Chiao Huang, Faculty Advisor

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Economics Commons