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IEEE 802.11p was developed as an amendment to IEEE 802.11 for wireless access in vehicular environments (WAVE). While WAVE is considered the de facto standard for V2V communications, in the past few years a number of communications technologies have emerged that enable direct device-to-device (D2D) communications. Technologies like Bluetooth Smart, WiFi-Direct and LTE-Direct allow devices to communicate directly without having to rely on existing communications infrastructure (e.g., base stations). More importantly, these technologies are quickly penetrating the smartphones market.

The goal of this research is to conduct extensive simulation and experimental studies to assess the efficacies of utilizing D2D communications technologies in transportation scenarios focused around pedestrians and bicyclists. Specifically, we design, develop, and experiment with Smart Cone and Smart Cane systems to evaluate the readiness of D2D technologies to support transportation applications.

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TRCLC 16-06