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There are several factors on the roads that impact bicyclists’ safety. This research aims to find the most important risk factors on roads, mainly in infrastructure facilities, to improve the safety for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. Most mobile cycling applications currently used by cyclists and runners were reviewed in this study in order to gain insight about the features that users care about. Features, such as speed, cumulative elevation gain, and connectivity to Google Fit, were found to be the most common features in the widely-used cycling apps. In this research, we developed and launched a mobile application for crowd-sourcing of roads’ risk factors. With the proposed application, some of the cycling risk factors can be mitigated. We launched the BikeableRoute mobile application allowing bicyclists to share reports of hazards encountered on roads with other fellow bicyclists and the local authorities. To achieve the goals of this study, the mobile application collects anonymous data and self-reported risk factors and biking data. This study allows collecting user’s data for later processing to extract knowledge and insight. Our proposed system enables local authorities to operate more efficiently to handle the feedback provided by the citizens. Also, the local government will be able to provide statistical reports that provide estimates of the traffic on the different routes throughout the local community.

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TRCLC 15-06