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Minutes of the WMU Board of Trustees meeting include appendices:

  • Remarks by the Chair
  • Remarks by the President
  • Acceptance of the Agenda
  • Approval of the Minutes of the March 22, 2002 Regular Meeting
  • Academic and Student Affairs Committee Recommendations
    • Grant Report
    • Personnel Report
    • Name Changes
    • Proposed Degree Programs
    • Extended University Programs Technology Fee
    • Faculty Senate Constitutional Amendments
  • Budget and Finance Committee Recommendations
    • Gift Report
    • Personnel Report
    • Vehicle Registration Rates
    • Room and Board and Apartment Rental Rates
    • Fall 2002 Tuition Rates
    • Resolution re General Revenue Bonds
    • Recommendations re Modification of University Investment Policy Statements
  • Public Comments

BOT_20020517_2.pdf (2001 kB)