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  • Acceptance of the Agenda
  • Approval of the Minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Remarks by the President
  • Gift Report
  • Grant Report
  • Personnel Report
  • Recommendation re Continuing Education Faculty Compensation
  • Recommendation re AIDS Policy
  • Recommendation re Faculty Senate Constitution
  • Evaluation of President and Recommendation re Presidential Compensation
  • Resolutions re Trustee Emeritus Fred Adams and Trustee Emeritus Charles Ludlow
  • Recommendation re Ratification of Contract between Western Michigan University and Western Michigan University Police Officers Assocation
  • Comments
  • Ernst & Whinney Management Letter and Response
  • Quarterly Cash Investment Report
  • Report on Select Student Services
  • Remarks by the Provost
  • Public Comments
  • Adjournment
  • Attachment A - AIDS Policy
  • Attachment B - Report of Presidential Review Committee
  • Attachment C - Remarks by Dr. George M. Dennison, Provost