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1. Acceptance of the Agenda
2. Approval of the Minutes (January 23, 2020 Meeting)
3. Remarks by the Chair
4. Remarks by the President
5. Comments by the Western Student Association President
6. Comments by the Graduate Student Association President
7. Presentation - Holographic Education and Assessment: The Next Generation Classroom
8. Accelerating Success Through United Airline Aviate Program
9. Public Comments Regarding Action Items

Action Items
10. Western Michigan University Public Event Policy
11. Consent Items
A. Personnel Report
B. Curriculum Proposals
C. Guizhou University of Finance and Economics 4+0 Agreement
D. Extended University Programs Unit Name Change to WMUx
E. Lease Agreement Extension – PNC Bank, Bernhard Center
F. Annuity and Life Income Funds Performance Report
G. Operating Cash Investment Report
12. General Public Comments

10 a Public Event Policy 3.12.20.pdf (497 kB)
Public Event Policy

10 b Supplement - WMU Public Event Policy 3.12.20.pdf (444 kB)
Supplement Public Event Policy

11 A Personnel Report 3.12.20.pdf (528 kB)
Personnel Report

11 B 1 BA in English 3.12.20.pdf (489 kB)