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  1. Acceptance of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes (December 12, 2019 Meeting)
  3. Remarks by the Chair
  4. Remarks by the President – Montgomery
  5. Comments by the Faculty Senate President – Gershon
  6. Comments by the Western Student Association President – Smith
  7. Comments by the Graduate Student Association President – Morris
  8. Presentation - Career Outcomes for 2018-19 Graduates – Urban
  9. Public Comments Regarding Action Items
  10. Board of Trustee Officer Election
  11. Real Property Lease for WMed
  12. FM License Purchase with Kalamazoo Public Schools
  13. Consent Items
    A. Personnel Report
    B. One-Day Liquor License Applications
    C. Research and Innovation Quarterly Report
  14. General Public Comments