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Summer 1948

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Health Director's Hobbies

Wild Life Preserve Improved

Picture Page . . . .

The Harper Maybee Music Library

Honorary Degrees Conferred

Visitors from Abroad

The 1948 June Commencement

Retiring Faculty Members Honored

Music Building . . . .

Alpha Beta Epsilon Council Meets

Sidelights on Western's History:

Back in 1916

Books Recommended

Book News and Reviews:

Big Time Railroading

Our Children are Cheated

Music Hath Charms .

Michigan—its Historic Heritage

Athletic News

Bronco Hall of Fame

Administrative Appointments

Campus News .

Faculty Activities

Alumni Personals


The Western Michigan College News Magazine was published by Western Michigan College in Kalamazoo, MI. This publication gives an interesting look into the history of what is now Western Michigan University.