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Winter 1944

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"Wholesome Food Attractively Served"

A Program of Radio Instruction

The Permanent Teaching Certificate

Graduate Work and the Permanent Certificate

President Sangren to be National Consultant

Students Elect Class Officers

Sidelights on Western's History

Book Review -

Frank Cody, A Realist in Education

Encyclopedia of Modern Education Louis Foley

Under the Bridge . Anna L. French

Making Books Work Hazel C. Cleveland

Dr. Berry Writes for London Journal

Maybee Presents Messiah

Basketball Team Wins National Recognition

Athletic News

Girls Volunteer to Polish Trophies

Campus News

Interesting Alumni

Faculty Sons in Service

Faculty Honors

Faculty Activities

Faculty Publications

In the Service

Alumni Personals


The Western Michigan College News Magazine was published by Western Michigan College in Kalamazoo, MI. This publication gives an interesting look into the history of what is now Western Michigan University.