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Dear Friends,

The College of Arts and Sciences has played a dynamic role in the growth and development of Western Michigan University. Many of the College's 20 departments and 6 interdisciplinary programs are foundation stones upon which the University was built and were present at the establishment of Western State Normal School in 1903.

The College of Arts and Sciences' roots originate with the Divisions of Language and Literature, Social Sciences, and part of the Division of Science and Mathematics. In the 1956-57 school year, these divisions were grouped together to become the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For a little over a decade, the School retained this name until 1970 when it was changed to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Today the College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of the six academic colleges at WMU with over 6,500 undergraduate students and 1,500 graduate students. The College enrolls half of the student population and holds appointments for over 350 faculty members.

The College is committed to the support and enhancement not only of undergraduate education but also graduate education demonstrated in its 18 doctoral programs. Dedication to research and public service, diversity, collaboration, and social responsibility distinguish the College of Arts and Sciences. It is sustained by the continuous development and recognition of the efforts of faculty, advising personnel, support staff, emeriti, and alumni.

The vision for the College of Arts and Sciences is to "create a challenging and intellectually vital learning community. Such a community engages students and faculty alike in a continuing discourse, providing focus for being active, informed, productive, creative, open-minded, and ethically responsible citizens in a complex, multicultural, and rapidly changing world."

With this vision in mind, the College of Arts and Sciences enters into the University's centennial year with firm resolution to move forward with the same growth and development that have characterized its history at Western Michigan University.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Leonard. C. Ginsberg, Interim Dean