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Fall 2014

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  • University News
  • WMED: School of Medicine opens with inaugural class of 54 students
  • Bee Inspired: Threatened honeybee population inspires student beekeeping, research project
  • Lost & Found: Sudanese Lost Boy’s long-held dream realized at WMU
  • Alumni Profile
  • The Storytellers: Professor walked 1,500 miles in Africa documenting the role of oral tradition
  • In Print: Biologic living and negotiating a river
  • Read It: Professor suggests books from her recent reads
  • Campus Glass: Alum’s book features Kanley Chapel’s student-designed stained glass
  • For Heavy Hitters: Engineering students design concussion sensor for football helmets
  • Boosting Detroit: Detroit enlists WMU teams to improve city efficiency
  • College News
  • Classnotes
  • In Memoriam
  • Expert Insights

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