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Summer 2015

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  • University News
  • Living Longer, Better: A look at research, education related to aging
  • ‘Aging in Place’: New service provides home support for seniors
  • Music-Empowered Memory: Can music maintain a youthful mind?
  • To Foil a Fall: Thwarting the top cause of injury among older adults
  • Expert Insights
  • Senior-Community: Living—Like College? Retired professor’s essay on resettling
  • Research File
  • From Screen to Page: Digital-age barriers to literacy
  • Storytelling Powered by Parents: Prof studies child development tool
  • Heart of the Matter: Probing the biology of heart disease
  • Tainted Water: Researcher wins NSF grant to study contaminants damaging lakes, rivers
  • Physics Fellow: Recent graduate wins prestigious NSF award
  • Flight Plan: Profs develop new aviation training app
  • In New Light: 1800s-era lighthouse logbooks that live online
  • Alumni Profile

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